A Break for the Redwoods

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We’ve had quite a few visitors recently, and I’ve taken the time to step back and focus on them, since it’s not often that we get to see friends and family from back home. We’ve spent time up on Mt. Hood, rented a cabin for a night, eaten way too much food, hiked, walked, talked, drank, and finished everything up with a drive down to see the redwoods in California with my parents.

Each morning at the Requa Inn started with a GLORIOUS breakfast. We were so anxious to see what was going to be for breakfast the next day that we’d start asking about it at dinner.

Can you blame us for being excited? Fresh fruit, poppyseed pancakes with a lemon glaze, organic eggs, homemade bread, and basically anything else you wanted? I could eat that breakfast every morning and need nothing for the rest of the day.

After breakfast one morning, we went a bit farther down the coast to Orick and got a day pass for the Tall Trees Trail. Outside of the visitors center to get our passes was a beautiful scattering of wild lupines.

It was a lovely way to start off a TERRIFYING morning hike.

Yes, that’s dramatic.

But can you blame me when within the first 10 minutes of our hike we found, in the fresh and wet mud, HUGE mountain lion paw prints?! They were all over the place, and we were almost the only delicious humans on the trail. Plus, my mom brought along a package of Lifesavers, which to me meant we had a giant fruity target in our midst.

The picture may make them look small, but the print was at least the size of my fist. The few of them that showed claws had me scrambling to play the police siren app on my iPhone, which would supposedly scare them off. It was either doing it’s job, or giving all local wildlife an exact location of a stupid woman who had just eaten an amazing breakfast and smelled of bacon and fear.

I wouldn’t say anyone else was too worried, least of all my Dad. He’s wanted to go see the redwoods for at least 30 years, so he was like a kid in a candy shop who couldn’t be distracted by a few kitty footprints.

Not that I blame him.

It’s not everyday you get to feel like you’re the size of a first grader.

Can’t you tell he loves that I’m making him stand there to use as perspective? He likes it about as much as he loves eating garlic (which I tricked him into eating AND HE LIKED IT).

I loved the redwood bark in it’s splintered and squishy kind of way.

On the way back home we stopped at the beach and collected a few pieces of driftwood. The rocks were covered in little sea creatures that didn’t like when you were nearby. For some reason it was kind of gross when they’d retract back into their little white columns of whatever it was.

I’m quite the marine biologist in case you can’t tell.

After the long, long drive home, the rest of my parent’s visit was spent drinking beer, eating more food, and watching the entire season 4 of Mad Men. And now that they’re back home again, it’s time to fast for a week, break out the Ginghers, and get back to work!

  • Lupine Swanson

    Beautiful nature photos, I bet you know which one I like best.

    • I bet I do, too! 😉 I half-expected you to come dancing thru them singing, “I love lupines, they’re my friends!”

  • So awesome! That breakfast looks amazing. PS, I would have gone to sit in the CRV the rest of the day if I saw those prints. Oh goodness. That first photo of your dad next to the tree is insane!!!

    • Know what’s really funny? As we kept on walking along the Tall Trees Trail, I thought to myself, Jimmy would love this, and Ravyn would DIE if she saw those paw prints! I would have headed back up to the car with you if I had the chance- I was scared! Plus, hiking back up to the car kind of felt like when we hiked up to Multnomah Falls. I’m so out of shape!

  • We just visited the Redwoods recently too – and my thoughts kept turning to mountain lions during the return portion of our hike – even though we never saw any prints! I probably would have insisted on heading to the car had I seen prints.

    • If it had only been Rob and I, I would have headed back to the car FOR SURE! But I tried not to get too freaked out about it. Luckily after we exited the trail, a ranger who had worked at the park for 33 years said he’d only seen 3 mountain lions in his time. He said we were “lucky” that we got to see so many tracks!