A Recipe and New Classes

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My sewing machines have been awfully busy lately. Plus, I have new addition to my little collection- a Janome 634D. It helped me finish up a few seams on my latest class samples for my Mad Men Dress class at Modern Domestic!

You’ve got to have a “Joan” dress, that is, unless you’re a “Betty” kind of girl…

Both of these dresses were  made using the same pattern. You can alter the original pattern, which is built like the Joan dress, to have wider straps, a more decorative neckline, and a fuller skirt to create the Betty pattern. It is SO MUCH FUN to change patterns so you can have the clothes you want- and it’s really not hard if you know how to apply your measurements.

And in true Betty fashion, here’s the Baked Oatmeal Recipe I mentioned in my last post! Mmm… I’ve got to try this one with fresh peaches- I bet it’d be amazing!

I usually have mine with a bit of milk, but if you’re feeling fancy, créme fraiche would be so good.

  • Soooo cute! I would totally rock the Joan dress at weddings. In black. Size 8. Except, size 2 in the boobs, haha. When we move to Portland, I’m going to pay you to be my personal sewing teacher. Deal?


    you need to have some kind of cocktail in your hand! Love the dresses and will try the recipe soon.

  • That second picture is the best Amy!! It belongs on a magazine cover, or maybe framed. So cute!

    • Thanks for the dress love, everyone!

  • Donna Dutton

    Thank you for taking the time to write such an interesting, informative and amusing blog – I found you via Craftsy yesterday and am completely hooked! I look forward to receiving future postings 🙂

    • Thank you, Donna! I try! I’m so glad you enjoy it and my weird sense of humor. 🙂

  • Evelyn Gonzalez

    That sounds yummy! except for the “1 Cup Oil.” I don’t believe I’ve ever made anything with that much oil, and I don’t believe I could eat it. Just saying….
    I love your blog; guess I just don’t love oil!

    • Hi, Evelyn! I agree- it does seem like a lot! I was very skeptical the first time I made it, but the end product is not oily at all. You could try using only half of the oil and substituting the rest with apple sauce if you like. The reason there is so much oil is because the pan of the oatmeal is quite large! Without it, the oats probably wouldn’t be as crumbly as they are. It’s really really good, and it’s nice to make and heat up for the next fews days to make an easy breakfast.