How to Sew: Blueberry Summer Top

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I’m more than happy to give you lots of pictures and diagrams of how to put together this top, but if you managed to read thru all of those instructions and you still want to move forward, then I’m going to assume that you can probably figure out how this goes. If you do happen to need a bit more visual guidance though, I’ll take lots of pictures and arrange them as need. Only if bribed with cookies though- almost forgot that part.

Otherwise, my little Mr. Chicken Leg needs tended to.

How to Sew the Blueberry Summer Top

  1. Cut out 2 fronts, 2 backs, and 2 bottom pieces, all on the fold. I say 2 fronts and 2 backs because it’s best if this top is lined. You don’t have to do this, but it does lay better if you do. This is how I layout my patterns to make the most of my fabric when I have several pieces that need to be on the fold.
  2. Set the bottom pieces aside- we’ll get to those. Put the right sides of the front and back top pieces together, and sew them at the shoulder seams and side seams, on both your lining pieces and outer pieces. You should be using a ballpoint needle so that you don’t make a hole in your knit fabric- or you can serge your seams. Since you’re using the same fabric for the lining and outer pieces, they are exactly the same, but make sure you’re making two separate bodices, and NOT stacking them. After you do this, go ahead and slip one of them over your head. Do the shoulders need taken up? Do the sides need taken in? If either of these things need to be done, pin it, sew it, and repeat it for the other top piece.
  3. Turn one of the bodices right side out, and put the other one on top if it (the second one is still wrong side out). Their right sides should be touching, and you should have them lined up at the shoulder seams. Make sure you have the front lined up with the other front piece. Sew the neckline together (you’re making a big circle), making sure that the shoulder seams lay in opposite directions so your shoulder isn’t bulky. After you sew this, turn the pieces right side out, letting your lining lay on the inside.
  4. Now that they’re lined up, you can sew the armholes. Then turn the armholes under about 1/4″-3/8″, lining up the side seams, and sew them using a twin needle, so you’ll have plenty of stretch.
  5. Sew the bottom of the bodice pieces together to close it up and make it easier to attach the bodice. Shuffle thru your stack of fabric, cookies, and notions and find your two bottom pieces. With them right sides together, sew up their sides.
  6. Using the same ball point needle, sew directly below where your seam allowance is on the bottom piece, using the widest stitch length possible. You are creating a gathering stitch, so leave long thread tails at the beginning and end of your stitch. Gather the bottom pieces, and place it over the bodice with right sides together, so you can match up the side seams and sew it on. Distribute the gathering along the waistline and pin it in place.
  7. Since you’ve chosen a light-weight knit, you can break out the fancy elastic thread. This stuff is fun! Wind your bobbin with it BY HAND, and don’t stretch it out at all while winding it. You will only use it in your bobbin! If you chose a heavier knit, you may need to sew elastic into your seam allowance, as the elastic thread may not do a very good job of pulling the fabric in around your waist. Sew the top and bottom together, and then remove the gathering stitches. When you steam the elastic thread- MAGIC!- it shrinks and is instantly and wonderfully gathered and stretchy.
  8. Hem the top 1″ from the bottom, and sew on any trim that you wish.
  9. Email me a picture of your top so that I can post it here!
  • Just found your blog today. CUTE! I love this top!!!! Thanks for the pattern and instructions!!!

  • Oh my. He DOES have a chicken leg!!! I love Dax.