Mailed Away, mailed away, mailed awa-ay-ay!

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I sang something like that in my head when I handed the FedEx guy Koala’s quilt. I think the original song is “Sail Away” by Enya or someone like her- I can only remember my Grandma LOVES that cd, and usually plays it right after Yanni. I’m wish I was joking. Mentally scarred by elevator music? That’s me!

The stipple quilting I chose wasn’t difficult to do on my Bernina, especially when I spent a couple of evenings accompanied by a glass or two of wine. The hardest part? Forgetting how much my body would reject me for actually using my arm muscles. My lifesaver on a big quilt like this is to use quilting gloves with grips on the palms and fingers. Without them I’m sure there would have been much more cursing and much less even stitching.

For the binding, I chose a Joel Dewberry Modern Meadow print from my stash. I cut my binding on the straight grain, since I wasn’t going to go around any curves and didn’t need any stretch. To connect each strip, I chain stitched them together at each end, forming loops that looked like a weird skirt when I held it up (and slightly concerned Rob). And even though I measured, guess who came up about 3 inches short while attaching it to the quilt? *sigh*

I had plenty of the fabric left over to continue with the dots, but I decided to add a little swatch of Amy Butler fabric instead, to make it the tiniest bit scrappy. I machine stitched the binding down (no, I will not sew it by hand thank-you-very-much), and found a super long-armed helper to hold it up for me.

Can you see the tiny piece of scrappy binding? It gives you a clue to what’s on the back…

I can’t stand to throw away even really really small strips of nice fabric, so I sewed the little pieces that I had leftover together and stacked them in the middle of the quilt for a bit of a break. The end quilt measurements are 84″ x 84″, which I don’t think you can appreciate until it’s on a bed. Maybe I can convince Koala to send me a picture of it once it’s finally in Indiana.

And that fresh-out-of-the-dryer quilt softness and texture? Heavenly! I had to run off and ship it right after taking these pictures so I wouldn’t be tempted to nap with it or take it out for a picnic under the  bright blooming Portland cherry trees.

Wait a minute. Napping? Quilt? I think I just added something else to my to-do list for the day.

  • Koala

    I cannot wait to get this in the mail. I check FedEx tracking every day for it 🙂 It is absolutely beautiful, and I love the back almost as much as the front! I think that if I ever want a change of pace, I can just flip it over and have a whole new look! You are so amazing for doing this for me, and I now have a wonderful piece of artwork that I will keep forever, and always think of you. Wait…is that creepy that I’m thinking of you in bed?

    I love you Pookie.


    • I’m so glad you love it! And don’t feel creepy about thinking of me while you’re in bed- I know you can’t help but reminisce about the awesomeness that is a crustless peanut butter sandwich. 🙂

  • Your quilt is so lovely. It took my breath away and makes me long for creativity. Sadly, I don’t think I have this gene. You’re an inspiration! xo

    • Thank you so much! I think you do have creativity- look at you in the kitchen! Geesh! Let’s trade- you cook for me and I’ll sew for you, okay? 😉

  • KOALA!!

    So I just have to add that the new quilt combined with the breezy open windows has turned Milo into an even cuter ball of sleepy fluff. And he got so involved in rolling around on the bed in happiness that he fell right off of the bed on Sunday.

    • LOL! Oh I wish you had a video of that! I do love the pictures I’ve see you post of said sleepy kitty loving on his new quilt- so funny that he rolled off the bed!