Poor Puppers

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I’m sorry to have to say the tutorial is going to have to be put off for another week, for several reasons, the first being a very sore little dog. He tore a ligament in his knee on the 4th, so sewing time has been replaced by carrying him up and down stairs, out to pee, and trying to convince him that laying down and not moving is really freaking fun. Like, “oh, this toy laying on the floor is the BEST THING EVER.” When really he wants you to play fetch 34 times with his mouse toy.

And we have more company this week, so I’ll be going to the beach again (ewwww… it’s all sunny and happy) and generally causing riots in Portland with my mad parallel parking skills. No, I won’t sign your baby’s head- but yours?- sure.  And between here and there maybe working on technical illustrations for the tutorial. Because I’m….. how do I put this…. INSANE to a certain point. But that’s another topic for another time.

  • Oh nooo … Daxxy-Poo is hurt?? I think a phone date is in order soon!

    • I concurr! I’m sure he’d love to hear from his Aunt Ravyn! 😉